What Is Doctor D's?

Finally, a probiotic drink that tastes great.

Living Probiotics. Vegan.
Gluten, Dairy, and Caffeine-free.

Doctor D’s is made by introducing a kefir culture of bacteria and yeasts into a solution of reverse-osmosis water and organic, evaporated cane juice. The beneficial bacteria and yeasts present in the kefir culture metabolize the sugar, transforming it into an array of beneficial acids and microorganisms,
B vitamins, and food enzymes that aid digestion.
The best part? It tastes great!

Doctor D's

Doctor D's! The probiotic drink that's for everyone!

All Organic Ingredients

We source only the highest quality organic fruit juices, evaporated cane juice, and filter our own reverse-osmosis water.

Gluten, Dairy, and Caffeine-free

Naturally gluten and dairy-free, Doctor D's is perfect for those desiring a gluten-free diet. And unlike kombucha, which is made with tea, Doctor D's is caffeine-free.

Contains Over 3 Billion Live Cultures

The Doctor never uses commercially mass-produced, powdered cultures. We grow our own. And they are alive in every bottle. We use amber glass bottles to protect them from the harsh lighting of display cases, which can degrade the living organisms in raw products.

Low In Sugar

Doctor D's is naturally low in sugar. We use no added sugars to sweeten Doctor D's, which gains all its sweetness from organic fruit juices and the remaining organic cane juice used to feed the kefir cultures.

The flavors